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Brian James is a fashion, portrait, and commercial advertising photographer. Studio and Gallery based in St. Petersburg, FL. 

About Brian James

Brian James was born and raised in the sunshine state where his love for photography started as a kid with a disposable camera. Think wind-up Kodak and Fujifilm plastic cameras you could but at any convenience store. He was documenting his friends as they did tricks on their rollerblades... jumping stairs, grinding handrails, and just having fun. In high school the love grew into art as he took his first photography class and developed his first roll of film. "There is nothing like watching a print come to life in the darkroom. nothing" he said. Brian also says this is where his true skill and knowledge comes from. Learning light and exposure without any photoshop has shaped the way he works. "Clients demand to see the images as we shoot and making proper exposures in-camera is absolutely essential" he says.

Brian still documents life with friends & family while pushing his artwork forward. He has been commissioned for large national ad campaigns, model portfolios, and creative portraits for politicians, athletes, and actors. He has been running a photography studio and gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida for 10 years. He teaches photography and inspires up and coming creatives to find their voice. He welcomes you to view his work and connect on any platform you choose.

Brian James


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This portfolio highlights fashion and travel photography meant to be viewed by brands, ad-agencies, and producers.

This portfolio is more commercial based for Brian's local clients. Meant for model portfolios, professional headshots, and marketing photography for growing businesses.

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Located in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, Florida Brian welcomes you to visit in person, or online. 

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